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- Rainforest, Oregon State -

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ALONG THE PACIFIC COAST from Alaska to Oregon temperate rainforests provide wonderful specimens of Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock timber, some trees reaching 300 feet in height and over six feet in diameter. Rainfall in these area is around 150 inches each year. Temperatures seldom exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheight nor do they fall below freezing point.
The main species of tree growing in the rain forest are Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock. Some examples grow to tremendous size, reaching 300 feet in height and 23 feet in circumference. Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir are two of several other species of tree to be found in the forests. A common ground cover is Oregon Oxalis. Mosses, lichens, epiphytes and ferns also grow in profusion.

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ON THE TREES beside the road from Portland to Lincoln City formations of lichen, mosses and epiphtes, dripping with water, become easily observed as one approaches the coast.

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CLUB MOSS adorns the Sitka Spruce trees.These examples were found along the road running south from Newport.

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