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- Newport, Oregon State -

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NEWPORT was established in 1882. Its main community area lies on the north side of Yaquina Bay - a sheltered inlet off the Pacific Ocean. The waterfront is both a working fishing port and a tourist attraction, with restaurants, cafes, gift shops and galleries lining the northern perimeter of the bay. The population of the town is now around 10,000.
The development of oyster beds in Yaquina Bay in 1862 first attracted settlers to the area. A local pioneer, Sam Case, who built the town's first tourist resort in 1866, gave Newport its name. By the early 1900s Nye Beach at Newport had become Oregon's premier tourist attraction.
The Newport Bridge built in 1936 allows the main coastal road, Highway 101, to cross the mouth of Yaquina Bay. Across the bay from the waterfront is situated the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

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With the coming to the town of electricity in 1908 Newport's seafood industry started to prosper and the building of a lighthouse on Yaquina Head increased its attraction as a fishing port.
The port is now the home of Oregon's largest commercial fishing fleet.

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The Highway 101 road above Newport provides access to some spectacular coastal views........

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