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The Milton and Ulladulla district is on the NSW South Coast, being part of the district of Shoalhaven. Captain Cook first saw aboriginals on the local beaches in 1770. The first white Settler was Rev Thomas Kendall who arrived in 1828. He later started a cedar cutting project at Narrawallee Creek near Milton. Ulladulla was first known as Nulladulla - meaning safe harbour.

Satirists John Doyle and Greg Pickhaver used a fictionalised version of Ulladulla as the setting for the popular radio comedy monologue "This is the South Coast News". Performed by journalist Paul Murphy it was a regular segment for several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the weekly radio comedy 'This Sporting Life'. The scripts were later published in book form by the ABC (Australian Broadcating Corporation).

On the Northern Headland at Ulladulla (via Dolphin Street) is a two kilometre "One Track for All" trail developed with the help of the Budawang Aboriginal Landcare Group. The trail provides lookouts giving spectacular views of the coast and harbour. Paintings and signs by local aboriginal, Noel Butler and various carvings beside the track attempt to describe both local aboriginal and non-aboriginal history from an aboriginal perspective. Butler sees them as a 'tool for linking indigenous culture with white history'.

Much of the information on this page was taken from the official Ulladulla website which is acknowledged here.

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A view of the coastline to the north from the Ulladulla trail (below)

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Ulladulla Harbour (right and below) is a minor port administered by New South Wales Department of Lands. A wooden jetty was built in 1859 so as to retain the services of the Illawarra Steam Navigation Company; the company had informed the farmers that would not call again at Ulladulla unless better mooring facilities were provided. After seven years the jetty was replaced by a stone pier built by the government on the natural reef. The company built a store on the harbour foreshores for the receiving of produce for shipment to and from Sydney. There was a weekly cargo service to Ulladulla until the mid 1950s.

The harbour is the home port of the largest commercial fishing fleet on the South Coast of New South Wales.As a result of the influence of Italian fishing families in the area, each Easter a "Blessing of the Fleet" ceremony occurs, although in 2004 and 2005 the accompanying celebration was cancelled due to a sharp rise in the public liability premium. The long-term future of this event is doubtful.

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