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LAS VEGAS, with a population of over a quarter-million, is the largest city in Nevada and there is a continuous expansion in terms of development.
The city population increased by almost 60% between 1980 and 1990.las_vegasmapa.jpg - 36575 Bytes
Revenue from hotels, gambling, entertainment, theme parks, resorts, and other tourist-oriented industries underpins Las Vegas's economy.
The nightclubs, casinos, and entertainment enterprises are world famous and an increasing array of music, sports (including championship boxing), and gambling centres may be seen along the main Strip of Las Vegas.
Las Vegas was, during the 19th century, 'a watering place for travellers bound for southern California. In 1855-57 the Mormons maintained a fort there, and in 1864, Fort Baker was built by the U.S. army.
In 1867 Las Vegas was detached from the Arizona Territory and joined to Nevada.
Its main growth began with the completion of a railroad in 1905'
(Acknowledgement to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopaedia).
The Nellis Air Force Base is situated to the north of the city, and Hoover Dam lies approximately twenty miles to the south east.
(Acknowledgement to the 'Lonely Planet' guide to Nevada for the map)

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The road (State Route 160) from Pahrump to Las Vegas passes through the Spring Mountains Range.....

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....and, on the approach to Las Vegas, note the Stratosphere Tower in the distance.

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The Stratosphere Tower rises 1,149ft (350metres) above Las Vegas and is stated to be the tallest observation tower in the USA. As if this weren't sufficient attraction in itself, a Big Dipper is situated at the top of the tower!


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