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Views to the South, East and North East

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Looking south over Waterloo Station. The far tracks lead to suburban stations and other destinations in the south and west of England.

The nearside canopy covers the tracks and platforms used by the EuroStar to Paris via the Channel Tunnel.

The building at the bottom of the picture is part of County Hall completed in 1933 and housed the old London County Council (LCC) and more recently, but no longer, the Greater London Council.

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In the foreground, the railway line from Charing Cross Station to the South East, behind which is the Royal Festival Hall. This formed part of the South Bank Exhibition, the Festival of Britain centrepiece, held in 1951. The hall is all that remains of the 1951 festival buildings. The smaller Queen Elizabeth Hall is visible beyond and to the left of the Festival Hall.

The southern end of Waterloo Bridge, leading into Waterloo Bridge Road, is seen on the left and, behind that, the concrete South Bank Centre containing the National Theatre and National Film Theatre. Further behind is the London (Weekend) Television Centre. Permanently moored on the Victoria Embankment on the opposite bank of the Thames are HQS Wellington and, in the distance, HMS President.

The tower at Canary Wharf is visible on the horizon on the far right of the picture and St Paul's Cathedral in the distance (centre). The group of tall buildings to its left includes the Nat West Tower built in 1988.

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St Paul's Cathedral takes the centre spot in this picture. Blackfriars Brige is just visible in the foreground with the covered railway bridge leading into Blackfriars Station just behind it. The tallest building on the left belongs to the London Stock Exchange.

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The following two pictures show the Post Office Tower in the middle distance and Charing Cross Station in the foreground. Hungerford Bridge which carries the railway, to South East London and the coast, and pedestrians is at the bottom right of the picture.

In the lower view the belfrey of St Martin in the Fields can be seen to the left of the station and the dome of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is even further to the left. The tall, grey structure in the right middle distance is the Centrepoint Building at the junction of Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street.

The ship moored near Hungerford bridge is the Hispaniola, which has been turned into a restaurant and function centre.

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