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Hidden Valley
- Kununurra -
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A view over Lake Kununura at sunset.
The Carlton Ridge in the background is locally called the Sleeping Buddha.
The Kona Lakeside Caravan Park and Camp Site is close to town and situated on the edge of the lake.

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The Hidden Valley (Mirima National Park) is within a stone's throw of the Kununurra township. Often referred to as a miniature Bungle Bungles the area can be reached very easily and there are a number of interesting walk tracks within the park.
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The Bungle Bungle-style rock formations produce a maze of culs-de-sac and twisting valleys. These pictures have been taken from the Didbagirring Track.
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Mirima is the traditional home of the Miriuwing people and their rock paintings may be found at several places in the park.
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Turkey-bush or Kimberley heather which flowers in winter and is commonly found around Kununurra.
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A gentle push should do it!.........
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