- Wyndham -
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The last river crossing before Wyndham - the Pentecost River. The water flows over the causeway early in the dry season, but not for long .......

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....We made it!

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The Five Rivers Lookout at Wyndham is 350 metres above sea level and affords views (above and below) of the Cambridge Gulf and the Pentecost, Ord, Durack, King and Forrest Rivers. In 1819 Lt Phillip Parker King in the Mermaid sailed into the wide inlet which he named Cambridge Gulf. The first explorers of the land arrived in 1875 and Alexander Forrest explored the Fitzroy and Ord Rivers. In 1885 Patsy Durack was the first to establish a cattle station in the Northern Kimberley and others soon followed (See Kings in Grass Castles by Mary Durack for more descriptive information)
The town of Wyndham became a port for the transfer of cattle and blossomed following the discovery of gold at Halls Creek in 1885. When output from the gold field fell, the town declined but the building of a meat works in 1917 restored its fortunes. Wyndham is still the centre of government for the Kimberley even though Kununurra has overtaken it both in size and importance.
The bronze Dreamtime Statues (above) depict an Aboriginal family with a number of native animals.The statues are symbols of the Aboriginal links to the area.

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