- Jack's Water Hole (1) -

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Some parts of the Gibb River Road are difficult to negotiate after the recent winter rains.

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Jack's Waterhole, 530 kilometres from Derby, is a permanent pool on the Durack River and is less than a kilometre off the Gibb River Road. 'Jack' Campbell was a top horseman on the Durack station for over 30 years until the 1950's. In 1978 the Durack station was amalgamated with the Home Valley and Karungie stations and the new owner redeveloped the waterhole area into a respectable camp-site with hot water showers (the forty-gallon drum 'boiler' is shown below) and flush (water driven!) toilets. The site is sometimes called 'Joe's' Waterhole after a Bulgarian grader driver who bulldozed a road from the highway to the water hole in the early 1970's.

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The campsite is situated on the banks of the waterhole.

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Further upstream attractive rock pools are to be found.....

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