-Windjana Gorge-
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Gorge country is found along the rugged Gibb River Road, a 600km long 'bush track' that connects the remote Kimberley cattle stations to Derby and Kununurra.
It allows superb access to the virtually untouched natural assets of the Kimberley wilderness.....some of the most spectacular scenery on earth that has only recently been 'discovered'.
The road cuts through King Leopold Range, Philips Range, Barnett Range, Gibb Range, Mosquito Hills, Pentecost Range and Cockburn Range. Wildlife, including fresh water crocodiles, green tree snakes, tortoises and archer fish, is concentrated around the densely vegetated waterholes and creeks.
The map (right) from Outback Australia by Malcolm Gordon, with acknowledgement to the author.

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Windjana is the first gorge we visit along the Gibb River Road out of Derby.... (left)

Access to Windjana Gorge is through a narrow tunnel in the cliff face.... (below)

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Freshwater crocodiles are to be found basking in the sun on the many sandy areas beside the Lennard River which flows through the gorge. Windjana Gorge is perhaps the best place in Australia where freshwater crocodiles may be seen in their natural environment.

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Windjana Gorge at sunset (left and below)

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