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A view of the castle from the main street (Rue du Barriou) of Najac

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For centuries, probably from Roman times, people have occupied the area which now forms the present market town of 750 inhabitants. The fortified part of the town dates back to the thirteenth century and is dominated by the narrow main street which gradually widens before opening up into the large town square. Najac is a stop-off point on the way from Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, and with its own administrative, economic, political and military centre, is often called the "capital of Rouergue".

The village has been involved during many significant events of French history: the first English occupation, the battle against the Albigenses, the Hundred Years War, the imprisonment of the Knights Templar, the Peasants Revolt and the French Revolution.

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The Governor's Castle (also visible in the picture above to the left of the main fortified castle). Vestiges of the guard houses, with an old house door, can be seen in the foreground.  (Left)

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