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DISNEY RESORT in Anaheim, California (left). The original Disneyland is shown at the top of the map with Main Street, USA (leading to Sleeping Beauty Castle) and Mainstreet Railroad Station to the right of Adventureland. The new 'California Adventure' park is shown at the bottom.
(Acknowledgement to the Walt Disney organisation for background map)

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MAIN STREET, USA contains a large number of attractions including shops and food outlets, a cinema, opera house (pictured right), penny-arcade and a bakery.

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THE FIRE STATION (left) is at number 105 Main Street. In the early years of the park, Walt Disney had an apartment on the first floor where he would stay in order to keep a watchful eye on the running of his new enterprise.

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LIVE MUSIC is provided continuously by bands and groups throughout the park. The Steel Drum Band is a colourful group that provides calypso music near the entrance to the Jungle Cruise.

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DONALD DUCK - another Walt Disney creation (left).

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