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......in the light of life we'll walk till travelling days are done.
(Horatius Bonar 1808-89 alt.)

DURING THE 1940s autograph collecting was a more popular activity than it appears to be nowadays. During that period the market and industrial town of Bedford, England provided a fertile environment for collectors mainly due to the arrival in the town of several BBC departments concerned with music making and religious broadcasting.

    In the following pages signatures are used as pegs on which to hang a number of this author’s personal memories and also to provide other general information and biographical details of the persons who along the way have been invited to enter their names in the author's autograph book.

    The index section on the right gives some indication of the people involved and the dates when the autographs were obtained. The categories into which some have been placed is somewhat arbitrary - Constant Lambert, for instance, was both a conductor and composer !

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An Overview

The BBC in Bedford
Bedford Miscellany
The BBC Orchestras
Bedford School
during the 1940s
(Early 1940s)
and Drama
(Early 1940s)
Glenn Miller
(1940s and 1950s)
The Late 1940s
Events, Places and

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