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SAN FRANCISCO is situated on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay and has a population of around 750,000. The city was founded in 1776, when Yerba Buena, a settlement that included a presidio and a mission, was established by the Spanish.
   During the Mexican War a United States naval force under Commodore John D. Sloat captured the settlement in 1846 and it was later re-named San Francisco.
   When gold was discovered in California In 1848 San Francisco had a population of less than 1000, but after gold was discovered in the state the population grew rapidly to about 25,000 with prospectors and settlers arriving from all over the world. In 1860 the Pony Express provided a link with the eastern states and in 1869 the newly constructed transcontinental railroad was opened,
   On 18 April 1906 San Francisco, which lies on the San Andreas fault, was jolted by a severe earthquake and the city was almost completely destroyed by it and the extensive fires that followed. The impressive San Francisco to Oakland Bay Bridge was opened in 1936 and the famous Golden Gate Bridge in 1937. (See the link below) During World War II, San Francisco was the major supply point and port of embarkation for the war in the Pacific. The United Nations Charter was drafted at San Francisco in 1945. In 1989 another severe earthquake caused much damage in the Bay area.
   The following is taken from the Columbia Encyclopaedia, with acknowledgement: 'Tourism is the economic mainstay, with service industries supporting the large number of annual visitors. For most of its history, San Francisco has been the financial center of the West Coast, but since the early 1970s the city has had to compete with Los Angeles for this distinction.
   Finance remains one of the most important activities; the city is still headquarters to two of the country's largest commercial banks as well as a Federal Reserve bank and the Pacific Stock Exchange. More than 600 insurance companies are based there. Although manufacturing in San Francisco has declined, the clothing and food-processing industries remain important.
   San Francisco and the Bay Area form one of the largest ports on the West Coast of America.' The picture above shows the financial district of San Francisco with the bridge to Oakland on the right. (Photograph taken from Twin Peaks)

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The Financial District of San Francisco. The 853 ft (256 metre) Transamerica Pyramid is seen in the middle distance (centre of picture).

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The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge with Berkeley in the distance, photo taken from Twin Peaks.

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Overlooking San Francisco to Alcatraz Island.

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The University of San Francisco (middle centre and right) and Columbarium (to the left of picture). 'The Presidio' is the wooded area beyond the Columbarium.

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