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"THE GROUP-CAPTAIN has blown what was one of the best-kept and certainly one of the most important secrets of the Second World War.”   The Listener.

“... it has opened the lid of a veritable Pandora’s box of information.”   The London Sunday Telegraph.

“… and it is hard to resist the publishers’ claim that, following Winterbotham’s revelations, many histories of World War II will need rewriting.”   The Observer.

    So went some of the reviews of a book entitled ‘The Ultra Secret’, published in 1974 by Weidenfeld and Nicholson and written by Group-Captain F.W. Winterbotham CBE, Chief of the air department of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1930-1945.

    In 1939 a small government department was set up in what has been described as 'a hideous stately home in North Buckinghamshire'. One of its tasks was to crack the German coding machine, Enigma which was being used to carry the secret signals between the topmost enemy commands. This operation was code-named ‘Ultra’. (This British cover-name was adopted in June 1941 and onwards for all high level intelligence obtained from signals from Enigma, 'Fish' i.e. Lorenz and similar machines, and from Japanese and Italian codes and ciphers.)

    Group-Captain F.W. Winterbotham, chief of the air department of the Secret Intelligence Service, was responsible for the organization, distribution and security of ‘Ultra’. In 1974 he revealed to the general public for the first time the part that this intelligence played in the war.

    Winterbotham's book, ‘The Ultra Secret’, did not, however, publish the full story - much of the information regarding 'Ultra' was, at that time, still 'classified'. It was only later that the methods used to decrypt the messages were made public; Alan Turing, the 'Bombes' and ‘Colossus’ are not even mentioned in Winterbotham’s book. Incidentally, Winterbotham was awarded the CBE in 1943 and after the war retired to a farm in Devon. He died in 1990.

    This website is based on information that has been revealed up to the present time. That information is readily accessible in a growing number of books, of which Winterbotham’s was the first, in articles in various journals and on the internet (some of which contain some surprising inaccuracies!) and, of course, at the fascinating exhibition at Bletchley Park.

   Note: 'Ultra' was the code name applied to the 'product of the decryption of the more important enemy ciphers' during World War II. 'Enigma' is the name of one of the machines used by the Germans to encode their secret messages.

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BLETCHLEY PARK, situated in Buckinghamshire, England, lies on the outskirts of the 'new town' of Milton Keynes. The M1 motorway and mainline railway from London to North-West England and North Wales run close by.
Nearest large towns are Bedford, Northampton, Buckingham and Luton.

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THIS SITE covers various phases in the history of Bletchley Park Estate.   The main subjects are listed below.  A click on an entry will take you to the appropriate page.

This web-site results from a visit to the Park in 2003.   A private walk around the estate and a three hour guided tour proved to be a most stimulating and informative experience.

The text included in these pages does not include complicated data concerning the Enigma or decrypting machines; for such details you will need to go to a suitable site such as one of those given in Page 12 : 'Finale, Links, Bibliography'.
Please enjoy!

Links to pages in the Bletchley Park site
1 : Bletchley Park Estate to 1939
2 : Enigma and GC&CS.
3 : The Poles and Enigma
4 : Turing and the Bombes
5 : The Huts: An overview
6 : German Naval Codes
7 : Huts 3,4,6 and 8
8 : Blocks A,B,C,D,E and F
9 : Views of the Estate (1)
10 : Views of the Estate (2)
11 : Lorenz and Colossus
12 : Finale, Links, Bibliography
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