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Lake Havasu was created with the construction of Parker Dam in the 1930’s. Until the dam was built, the district that is now Lake Havasu was rugged terrain containing a remote section of the Colorado River. The Mohave word “Havasu” means “blue water”. Small villages and communities that had existed along the river were flooded and disappeared.
    During World War II the area was used for military test flights. On the peninsula, which is now the island that is connected to the rest of Lake Havasu City by the London Bridge, a rest and recreation site was created for the military. Primitive barracks were built near the airstrip to house servicemen on R and R leave flown in from Los Angeles.

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The time not to visit Lake Havasu is at the time of the college students' Spring break in mid-March, when around 20,000 students flock to the area. The reason may be judged from this piece taken from the Los Angeles Times, March 2002:

'The annual migration of college students armed with suntan lotion and party plans has started again. In all, thousands of students from some fifty schools are expected to converge on the artificial lake.
'Hotels are bracing for the flood of students. "We don't have a lot of kids in right now. It's going to change when the California schools start coming in," said Cheryl Harris, Island Inn assistant manager.
'For the spring break season, the Lake Havasu City Tourism Bureau organizes balloon rides, bungee jumping and live entertainment. Law enforcement, too, steps up its activities. So far, few arrests have been made.'

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Some comments from participants at the Spring Break:

    "This place is okay for spring break, but I could think of a lot more exciting places. For one thing, Arizona is mostly desert and there's not a lot to do other than the lake. It would be better to go somewhere in L.A. or Mexico."

   "If you live on the west coast, this is the place to go during spring break. Everybody talks about it and says that it is a crazy party."

   "This is a great place for college students to party during the spring. The girls are hot, the parties are off-the-hook, and finally, the girls are hot!!"
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   "If you are into heavy drinking, naked people, and watersports, this is the place for you. People typically bring their own boats or rent one. Nights are spent in surrounding campgrounds. The partying never stops. Bring protection!"

America! - your future (and ours) may depend upon these college folk. And the best of luck to you ! (Better things on the next page ! Click here.)

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