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THE ENTRANCE to the chapel flanked by pews traditionally occupied, on the left, by the head-master and, right, by the vice-master.

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NAMES OF MASTERS who have served the school over many years are recorded on the panels near the chapel entrance.

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THE CHAPEL seating was originally individual chairs. Eventually wooden pews and oak-panelled walls were introduced. At a later date the names and regimental badges of old boys killed in the First World War were placed on the oak panels. At a later date the names those who died in the Second World War and subsequent military involvements were added.

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IT IS FITTING that the author of these pages, who attended the school in the 1940s, is happy to recall with gratitude the significant contribution made by various members of staff at the school during the difficult days of wartime and immediately afterwards. Some of their names, such as Noel Sutcliffe, Tom Snow, R.E.Tanner and V.D.F. ('Spanner') Lee, are recorded on the panels shown above. Others, not recorded here, also form a significant part of one's own 'memory bank' and are remembered with affection.

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