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IN 1906 PLANS for a school chapel submitted by the London architect, G.F. Bodley, were discussed at a meeting which included the then headmaster, John King.
The foundation stone was laid on 18 May 1907 and on 11 July 1908 the chapel was dedicated by the Bishop of Ely. (Bedford was transferred from the Ely diocese to the St Albans diocese in March 1914.)

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THE SCHOOL CHOIR in 1947. The school's music director at that time was Dr William Probert Jones who held that postion from 1937 until 1957. He was succeeded by Ted Amos who retired in1979. More details are to be found in the 'Bedford in the 1940s' website. (Please click here.)

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A BATTLE between the Old Bedfordians’ Club and the architect over the east window resulted in a win for the club; instead of a simple window, a stained glass window, commemorating OBs who had lost their lives in the Boer War, and a fine triptych reredos took their places at the east end of the chapel.

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CHAIR SEATING in the original chapel was replaced by carved pews in he late 1920s. At about the same time the original chandeliers were replaced by wrought iron pendants made by the boys of the school in the school workshops. (The pendants were removed in 1998 in favour of a new lighting system but the original fasteners are still visible on the cross beams.)

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THE TRYPTYCH REREDOS at the east end of the chapel.

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