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THE NEW 'GREAT HALL' following the reconstruction of the main building after the fire of 1979.

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THE GREAT HALL prior to the fire of 1979. The three state chairs seen on the stage were introduced in 1929. In 1934 oak panelling at the ground floor level was made to cover the original brickwork.

It was from this hall that the BBC orchestras made many broadcasts during the years of WWII and a more detailed description is given in the pages of 'Bedford in the 1940s', an associated 'Travelling Days' website. (Please click here to view the site.) GroseHodge2.jpg - 55274 Bytes

The original ground floor is now enclosed to form offices and classrooms. The ground floor of the new building has been constructed at the level of the old lower gallery.

HUMFREY GROSE-HODGE (right) photographed while sitting in one of the state chairs mentioned above. The chairs were destroyed in the 1979 fire as were the oak chairs with rush seats that filled the main body of the hall. More information about the life of Humfrey Grose-Hodge may be found by clicking here.

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THE GREAT HALL is used for many school music events as well as for school assemblies. A temporary stage has been erected to accommodate the house singing competitions.

The console of the recently renovated Copeman Hart digital organ is situated in the alcove behind the stage. The alcove was originally above the entrance to the Great Hall from the northern playing fields.

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THIS OAK table has stood in the western corridor of the main building for at least 65 years. It was on this table in the 1940s that text-books ordered from and supplied by the town booksellers (F.R. Hockliffe, later taken over by W.H. Smith) were piled at the beginning of each term. The difficulties in finding ones own order were, frankly, enormous. Hopefully a different system is now in place!

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EXTENSIVE PLAYING FIELDS lie to the north of the main building. The Sports Pavilion shown in the photograph was built and extended during the 1920s and 1930s.

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