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ST PETER'S GREEN - a picture taken in 1969. St Peter's Church, dating from Saxon times, is on the left. The Old Preparatory School (known locally as the 'Inky' as derived from the word 'incubator'!) can be seen behind the gates on the right of the picture.

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THE OLD PREPARATORY SCHOOL was built on the site of the old St Peter's Rectory and opened in 1899.

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THE PREPARATORY SCHOOL until 1992 catered for boys up to 11 years of age and was housed in this building. In 1992, however, a new Preparatory School was formed by merging the original Preparatory School with the Lower School (boys aged from 11 to 13). New premises were found to accommodate the increased numbers in the new preparatory department. However, the old building is still being used by those who would previously have been known as 'Lower School' pupils.

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REAR VIEW of the Preparatory School with its small walled playground.

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THE CRAIG BUILDING (named after a distinguished Old Bedfordian, Sir Maurice Craig) was constructed on the school site close to St Peter's Street in 1932 in order to meet the recreational and other needs of boys living too distant from the school to be able to return home at mid-day.

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THE HOWARD BUILDING is situated just to the north of the Craig Building. In former times it housed the Music Department and the Art Room and its kitchen also supplied meals for those qualified to use the Craig Building and also as a changing room for 'day-boarders' until 1932.

The Georgian building was acquired by the school in 1921. From 1802 to 1914 it had been used as a girls' school associated with the Moravian Church next door in St Peter's Street. It was named in honour of Geoffrey Howard, Chairman of the Harpur Trust at the time of the purchase.

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