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THE SPACIOUS LIBRARY is a recent school acquisition and includes large working areas contained on the ground and mezzanine floors in addition to the large collection of books, magazines and other educational aids.

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THE OLD GYMNASIUM, built in 1933 during the 'reign' of Humfrey Grose-Hodge (1928-1951) to replace the previous gymnasium housed in a tin shed, was of simple design with a main area housing ropes, climbing wall, parallel bars and vaulting horses. Changing rooms and a gallery were provided at the northern end. During WWII the gallery was used by the army as a 'packing shed' for various small items of equipment and weaponry to be used during the Normandy invasion. Boys were seconded from their classrooms on a roster system to perform the tasks of packing the items which were subsequently distributed to service units throughout the south of England.

Over recent years the building has been enlarged (the join marking the new extension can be seen in the photograph) and is now used as the school theatre.

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THE NEW southern wall of the extension serves as a climbing wall but the original cast-iron roof drainage system has been incorporated into the design.

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THE INDOOR HEATED SWIMMING POOL forms part of the Recreation Centre built in 1979/80 at a cost of over half a million pounds sterling on the site of the old swimming pool. The centre also contains four squash courts and a sports hall with facilities for basketball, badminton, table tennis, fencing and weight training.

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THE ORIGINAL OPEN-AIR SWIMMING POOL was built in 1930 and contained a Tuck-Shop in one corner. This picture was taken in 1947 by the author. The old gymnasium building is visible in the background.

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THE ERSKINE MAY HALL, named after Sir Thomas Erskine May who was born in 1815 and later a pupil at the school during the head-mastership of John Brereton (from 1811 until 1855).

Erskine May later became widely known as 'an expert on constitutional history and parliamentary procedure.' He was made a peer in 1885 with the title of Lord Lansdowne. He died the same year.

The building serves as an assembly hall for the Preparatory School and as an additional theatre and concert hall for the school. It lies close to the former gymnasium and was opened by Dr Harvey McGregor, Warden of New College Oxford, on 9 December 1994. One of the Preparatoy School playing fields is in the foreground.

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THE FIVES COURTS (four in number)date from 1892. During WWII the court on the left of the picture was used as a temporary store for cases of margarine.

The progress of games could be viewed from the outside through large openings, covered by wire netting. The openings have since been bricked up but the courts are still used for their original purpose.

The building visible behind the courts is the Howard Building described in the next page.

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