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THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT was housed in this building, situated close to the school chapel. Plans for a new department building nearby were approved and the new building (not shown here) was opened in 2006.

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THE SCIENCE BUILDING. The original building, largely designed by Oswald Milne, an old Bedfordian and pupil of Edwin Lutyens, was commenced in 1932 and completed in 1933.

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THE FOUNDATION STONE was laid by an Old Bedfordian, W Langdon Brown, on 29 October 1932. On 8 November 1933 the Prince of Wales came to tour the school premises and in particular to view the newly opened Science Building.

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THE SCIENCE BUILDING from the main school building. A new wing (not visible) was built in 1958 and financed by a grant from the Industrial Fund for the Advancement of Scientific Education and Science. In 1984 the physics and chemistry laboratories were extensively renovated.

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THE MEMORIAL HALL on the left of the picture with the main school building on the right. The hall was to serve as a fitting memorial to Old Bedfordians who died in the First World War. It was designed by Oswald Milne. The foundation stone was laid by Lieut General Sir Walter Braithwaite O.B. on 26 July 1925.

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THE OLD LIBRARY was situated on the ground floor of the Memorial Hall until recent requirements dictated the necessity of providing larger premises for books and study. The new library was built close to the main school building alongside the Memorial Hall and is shown in the following page

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